Neme Industrial Design Studio

From idea development to plastic and ceramic prototype; We provide new product research, development and industrial design services.

Internet of Things

Fo (Future Organics) is a smart plant pots will enable you to communicate with your plants with user-friendly interfaces.

Technology & Craft

Collection indicates to 3d printer technology with its sharp corners and triangle surfaces. Surfaces transform into reliefs and become elegant and stylish without need any print on them.

Strategy Board Game

Kaktüs is a two player strategy board game. Unlike previous generation board games, the gameplay of Kaktüs proceeds in 3 dimensions and 3 axes, while making the game board totally active and mobile allowing the pieces to be fixed on the board.

Design for Travellers

Sopotap, our patent pending product, is a new generation iconic fastener. It proposes a lightweight and practical solution for cyclists, campers, travellers and so on to hold, organize and carry their stuff.

Aegean Ideas

Aegean ideas is a design serie that transforms the symbols and stories of Aegean Sea into products.

* Adonia Festival : Adonia (Greek) or feast of Adonis was an ancient festival mourning to death of Adonis in ancient Greece. It was a private festival which was celebrated in terraces in July, exclusively by the women who were not welcomed to the philosophy conversations between men.

Human-centered Design

Dime is a modular self-service cafeteria system furniture that creates different combinations for different sized spaces. It aims to differentiate cafeteria’s athmosphere from production line. In order to accomplish this, different materials and form solutions are offered instead of huge metal boxes in the body.